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Complicated Shadows Chords

Chords by portonikos@gmail.com

Intro A  D G x 4
           A                   D G
Well, you know your time has come
            A                     D G
And you're sorry for what you've done
                D                                                  A  D G
You should've never been playing with a gun in those complicated shadows
                 A                  D G
Well, there's a line that you must toe
             A              D G
And it will soon be time to go
               D                                     A     D G   A  D
But it's darker than you know in those complicated shadows
           G                                     D 
All you gangsters and rude clowns,   Who were shooting up the town
           E                                   A    D  G  A  D
When you should've found someone to put the blame on
            G                              D
Though the fury's hot and hard,   I still see that cold graveyard
There's a solitary stone that's got your name on
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           A                    D  G
You don't have to take it from me
       A              D  G
But I know of what I spake
            A                     D  G
You think you're like iron and steel
              E                                               A      D G   A   D G
But iron and steel will bend and break in these complicated shadows

No... (solo)   A   D G x3   A  D  

           G                                 D
Sometimes justice, you will find,   Is just dumb not color blind
         E                                 A      D G   A D
And your poor shattered mind can't take it all in
             G                                   D
All those phantoms and their shades, Should jump up on Judgement Day
And say to the Almighty "I'm still stinking of sin"

         A            D  G
But the jury was dismissed
          A                       D  G
Took his neck and they gave it a twist
        D                                               A    D G  A D
So you see, you won't be missed in those complicated shadows
         A                 D  G
You can say just what you like
      A                      D  G
In a voice like a John Ford film
          A              D  G
Take the law into your hands
              D                                               A    D  G
And you will soon get tired of killing in those complicated shadows
             A      D  G
Complicated shadows x 3   
A   D G x 12