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American Without Tears Chords

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American Without Tears

G                          C              G
Outside in New Orleans the heat was almost frightening
       G                       A              D
But my hotel room as usual was freezing and unkind
   G                    C           G
On TV they prosecute anyone who's exciting
     G                      D            G
So I put on my overcoat and went down to find
   G                          C           G
In Revlon and Crimpelene they captured my heart
       G                       A            D
To the strain of a piano and a cocktail murderess
        G                               C                G
She was singing that "It's Too Late", I agreed with that part
    G                         D               G
For two English girls who had changed their address

       C                           G
Now it seems we've been crying for years and for years
      Em                            C                G
Now I don't speak any English, just American without tears
     C                G
Just American without tears
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One had been a beauty queen and the other was her friend
They had known rogues and rascals and showbiz impresarios
While the boys were licking Hitler they had something to defend
>From men armed with chewing gum and fine nylon hose
By a bicycle factory as they sounded the siren
And returned into the dancehall she knew he was the one
Though he wasn't tall or handsome she laughed when he told her
"I'm the Sheriff of Nottingham and this is Little John"

     A                           D       A
At a dock in Southampton full of tearful goodbyes
    A                             B       E
Newsreel commentators said "Cheerio, G.I. brides"
A                           D              A
Soon they'll be finding the cold facts and lies
    A                              E         A
New words for suspenders and young girls backsides
    A                  D            A
Now I'm in America and running from you
        A                                B              E
Like my grandfather before me walked the streets of New York
      A                           D                   A
And I think of all the women I pretend mean more than you
       A                   E             A
When I open my mouth and I can't seem to talk

       D                           A
Now it seems we've been crying for years and for years
      F#m [barre it]                D                A
Now I don't speak any English just American without tears

      D               A
Just American without tears