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Wake Up Wendy Chords

Intro (2 Times): E / / / A / / / D / A / E / / /

Got this bug-eyed girl
Cold hand on my knee
Frozen teeth chitter, chatter
She's dressed up like a cemetary
(D)      (A)     (E)
  Like a cemetary

Snowbound all winter
Blue lips on my cheek
Little tongues prattlin', rattlin'
Talkin' about them hometown geeks
Them hometown geeks
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(E)                       (A)
Wake up Wendy, smell the coffee
         (E)              (D)
Help me into your custom kitchen
        (E)                   (A)
Gimme a cup of that old black magic
        (D)         (A)              (D)
I wanna get me some of that old home cookin'
       (E)                        (A)
Can you feel it, it's chilly and freezin'
        (E)            (D)
Wake up Wendy, moods a changin'
        (E)                   (A)
I got a reason, and you got a feelin'
        (D)    (A)       (E)
Wake up Wendy, love's in season

Bridge: A / / / D / A / E

(Same chords as before)

Outro (2 Times): A / / / D / A / E / / /