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Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 19:37:47 -0500
From: Ray Allis 
Subject: j/john_elton/sacrifice.crd

by Elton John and Bernie Taupin
transcribed by Ray Allis
This is my interpretation of this song. Capo wherever's comfotable.
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   D                          F#m                          
G                   G
   D                          F#m                          
G                   G 
   Its a human sign
2) misunderstanding
 G                Em
   when things go wrong
2) after the fact
            A            D  
   when the scent of her lingers
2) sensitivity builds a prison
 G                 Em               A       
   and temptations
strong                                                               2)
in the final act
   into the boundary
2) we lose direction  
 G                 A
   of each married man
2) no stone unturned
   sweet deciept comes a calling
2) no tears to damn you
 G                A 
   and negativity lands
2) when jealousy burns
   cold, cold heart
 G              A
   hard done by you
   some things look better, baby
 G              A
   just passing through
   and its no sacrifice
   just a simple word
                   A      G 
   when two hearts living
   in to seperate worlds
   and its no sacrifice
   no sacrifice
      F#m     G
   no sacrifice
  A    D         F#m        G        D       F#m       G
   at    all

             D            G            Em           A           
3) I gave my all
             D            G            Em           A           
   I gave my all

   (repeat ad nauseam)