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Alices Champagne Palace Chords

Tuning: Open C# 
Capo on 1st fret
Song played in key of D

Most chords in this song (unless noted below) are simple barre chords.
Ellis also plays the B-chord often with a single-finger sus ornament to it (3rd string, 
one fret up from the barre).  Hammer on it as you want.

D-chord Riff
He plays this riff to open the song and throughout the song on the D-chord.  It's a 
single string melody.  Fret numbers listed below:


                 A               B                 D
You take a rickety plane from Seattle up into Anchorage
       A                     B                        D
You step off the platform staring at the midnight sun
              A                     B
Jump in my pickup, brother, we'll drive
            C#min             B       A
Bring your troubles down highway nine.
               Emin                                     B
I've got a pull-out couch and a job lined up at a cannery
                  Emin                                           B
You hitch a ride to Homer, Alaska, brother, the drinks will be on me
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            D               Emin
Raise a glass, lift a chalice
A                       B
Welcome to Alice's Champagne Palace
       C#min           B                  A     B
The finest bar on the strip in Homer, Alaska, Alaska
                      D    Emin   A                              B
If you're from New York, Dallas, you'll find a home at the Champagne Palace
C#min              B                         Emin              
A      B
Alice'll pour you a cold one, go ahead and ask her, if you're running away
to Alaska, Alaska

              A                 B             D
The mountains rise from ocean to sky in Homer, Alaska
                 A                         B                       D
They'll the steal your breath and your troubles in the blink of an eye
               A               B                   C#min     
B           A
You'll hear a band with a steel guitar, there's a window seat right at the bar
Emin                                                          B
The whales are breaching and Alice is preaching "like a rolling stone"
                    Emin                              B
She'll push a mason jar across the bar and say "Mister, welcome home!"

                A               B                       D
You've never been to a prettier place than Homer, Alaska
            A                 B                            D
You've never met a kinder face than the one behind the bar
         A                        B           C#min  B            A
Now, Homer is a town full of misfit toys, renegade women and runaway boys
Emin                                         B
Everyobody's got some kind of story here in Homer town.
              Emin                                            B
Guess sometimes you gotta go to the end of the earth, just to turn yourself around

A            B                A           B          
Brother, you just might stay.  If you're running away to Alaska, Alaska, Alaska, Alaska

C#min chord
8    9 fret
x    x
x    x
1   x
x   x
x   3
x   3

Emin Chord
1    2 fret
x    x
x    x
1   x
x   x
x   2
x   3