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Strung Out Again Chords

A         Am Maj7
You get what you see
  C                 D
I saw the rich fuck giving charity
Dm           Ddim
I saw an evil emperor
Wearing my clothes
A              Am Maj7
They're far from the best
      C                                D
But they might suit you better than the rest
Just looking in the mirror
E               C     G/B
Will make you a brave man
Am      E
I know my place
  G     D/F#
I hate my face
  F     C
I know how I began
  G/B    A
And how I'll end
E       F
Strung out again

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Was a parliament of owls
Flying over the city of canals
Floating on the body
Floating in the dalles
You get what you see
Some things they just change invisibly
Don't know where I'm going
Don't even wanna know
I know my face, I hate my place
I know how I began and how I'll end
Strung out again

Am       E           G    D/F#
Standing, smiling on some fantasy island
F        C   G/B     A
Looking at my lost reflection again
   E         F        G      F
But a tides coming in and I'm strung out again
  G     A
Strung out again

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