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Oh Well Okay Chords

Oh Well, Okay

capo 2nd fret - regular tuning
This might be hard for beginners but it is the most fun once you get it.
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F#m7       F#m7/D#       DM7                      A   A/G#  
here's the silhouette the face always turned away
F#m7          F#m7/D#       DM7                    A    A/G#
the bleeding color gone to black dying like a day
F#7               Bm                   Bm/A   G 
couldn't figure out what made you so unhappy
                 D               C        Bm     
shook your head to say no no no 
       Bm/A          G            G/F#    E     
and stopped for a spell and stayed away
F#7       Em
oh well  okay
F#m7 F#m7/D#      DM7              A      A/G#
i got pictures i just don't see it anymore
F#m7     F#m7/D#  DM7                      A   A/G#
climbing hour upon hour through a total bore
F#7               Bm               Bm/A   G
with the one i keep where it never fades
          D              C              Bm
in the safety of a pitch black mind
     Bm/A   G         G/F#         E
an airless cell that blocks the day
    F#7   Em
oh well okay                the em of the solo starts on "okay"
IEm   Em/D  Em/C#  I   C    G  G/F# I
E7             Am             G           F
if you get a feeling next time you see me
             C           Bb       Am    
do me a favor and let me know
            Am/G  F        C/E      D
cos it's hard to tell it's hard to say
     E7  Dm                       repeat that over and over
oh well okay
F#m7/D#  is 1st fret d string -2nd on g -2nd on b -2nd on e          
Em7/C#  is 4th fret a string -2nd on d - open g- open b- open e
DM7 is open d string - 2nd on g - 2nd on b - 2nd on e
the rest you probably know...
I just wanted to add the solo for "oh well, okay"


with a slide...