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Looking Over My Shoulder Tab

Looking Over My Shoulder
Elliott Smith
New Moon

Tabbed by: owentonghk@gmail-com

Tuning: DGCFAD (one step down)

This is as it is recorded on New Moon. It is one step down, as Elliott would
have played it (although he probably used a 12-string). Listen to the track
to figure out the strumming. I don't know all the chord names, but the ones
provided are relative to being down one step (ie. 'E' actually means 'D'
etc.) - most people find this easier to read. The chorus is a bit fiddley,
and there are some tricky chords in the verse, but once you get them down,
this song is not hard to play.


     E               A7              C       G        B7/F#    E
D -------0-------0-------0----------------------------------------|
A -------0-4-----4-3-----3-2-----2-1-----1-0-------------0--------|
F -----1-------1-----------------0-------0-----0---(0)-2---2-1----|
C ---2-------2---------2-------2-------2---------0-----1-----2----| (repeat)
G -------------------0-------0-------3----------------------------|
D --(0)-----(0)------------------------------3---------2-------0--|


      E             G  A     C#7                F♯m          F#m/E    D
D ----0-------------3--0------4-------------------2-------------2------2--|
A ----0-------------0--2------6-------------------2-------------2------3--|
F ----1-------------0--2------4-------------------2-------------2------2--|
C ----2-------------0--2------6-------------------4-------------2------0--|
G ----2-------------x--0------4-------------------4-------------4---------|
D ----0-------------3-----------------------------2-------------0---------|

Wiped out in the city slick, Another slick rock'n'roller acting like a dick
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/elliott_smith/looking_over_my_shoulder_tab.html ]
     C#add7  F#m      F#m          D          A                E/G#
D ------------2--------2-----------2----------0-----------------4----|
A ------2-----2--------2-----------3----------2-----------------5----|
F ------4-----2--------2-----------2----------2-----------------4----|
C ------3-----4--------2-----------0----------2-----------------x----|
G ------4-----4--------4----------------------0-----------------x----|
D ------------2--------2----------------------------------------4----|

Needing cash.  Burning through the trash that piles up in this place,

   ?(dim)        Bm     Bm/A                   Em            D     G  B7/F#
D --3-------------2-------2------3-------------3-------------0-----3----2---|
A --2-------------3-------3------0-------------0-------------3-----0----0---|
F --3-------------4-------4------0-------------0-------------0-----0----2---|
C --2-------------4-------4------0-------------2-------------4-----0----1---|
G --x-------------2-------0------x---------------------------5-----x----x---|
D --3----------------------------3---------------------------------3----2---|

  And fills up behind my empty face, full of things that I'm not to do.

Chorus 1 (repeat Intro)

You come over with all of your friends,
And all their opinions I don't want to know.
And I'm looking over my shoulder,
Booking away with nowhere to go.

Verse 2 (repeat Verse)

Chorus 2 (repeat Intro)


      F#                      A        C#m        /C      /B
D ----2-----------------------0-----------------------------------------|
A ----2-----------------------2---------5----------5-------5------------|
F ----3-----------------------2----2-4--6----------6-------4------------|
C ----4-----------------------2----x-x--6----------6-------6------------|
G ----4-----------------------0----0-0--4----------3-------x------------|
D ----2----------------------------------------------------7------------|

Well can't you just leave me alone?       You've already thrown all the

            A                         Am
D ----------0-------------------------0---|
A ----------2-------------------------1---|
F ----------2-------------------------2---|
C ----------2-------------------------2---|  (repeat)
G ----------0-------------------------0---|
D ----------------------------------------|

Sticks and stones you had to send my way, Well...

Verse 3 (repeat Verse)

Last Chorus (repeat Intro x2)


That's it! Not too difficult, hope you enjoy playing this great
lesser-known Elliott Smith song.