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Either Or Chords

[A]You're strong, you're stubborn [Db]now
in an [D]endless symbolic [A]war
brave or [F#]bored, either/[F]or      A   Am  x2

[A]Sometimes I rico[Db]chet from the past
and at [D]times a future iíve [A]already had be[F#]fore
champion or [F]chore, either/[A]or     A   Am   x2   

[E]I'll write the [D]pages [A]you rip [E]out
back in their places again   ((lick notes))    [E  D  Db  B  A  Gb  A  E  Gb]
[E]one day youíll [D]know what youíre [A]talking [E]about
I can [Bm]hardly [F#]imagine, but [G]until [D]then iíll be

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[A]Filling in these [Db]blanks that you [D]create
every time you [A]win some petty [F#]score
posing as hard[F]core, oh yeah, either/[A]or            A   Am   x2

Instrumental    Verse prog. x 2

[E]Look at the [D]spin chief, [A]battered and [E]broken
clutching A plastic rose    ((lick notes))    [E  D  Db  B  A  Gb  A  E  Gb]
weíre [E]all in the [D]downpour you [A]carry aro[E]und for
[Bm]trashing a [F#]lifestyle [G]youíve never [D]known

[A]It's a useful [Db]dream that makes
[D]quite an entertaining [A]show and not much [F#]more
up against and [F]for, either/[A]or              A   Am x3     end on   A