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Alright this song's really simple, only two chords, first
arpeggiated, then strummed only on the down stroke,
then continuously strummed up and down, then it just
switches in between the different parts, it's a really really
simple but fun song to play, just listen to and you'll be
able to hear the different strumming styles and the timing.

Tuning: Standard

Capo: 5th fret

Chord Chart: (Relative to the capo)

 C                     F
e--0--              e--1--|
b--1--              b--1--|
g--0--              g--2--|
d--2--              d--3--|
a--3--              a--3--|
e--3--              e--x--|

Part 1:
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Alright this is the arpeggiated part, you can do it however you want as long as you keep 
in time but this is how I do play it.

       C                        F

Just alternate back and forth between C and F, listen to the song for how long to play 
arpeggiated chords for.

Once the arpeggios are done you just strum C and F in the same timing with down strokes only.

The only other part in continual up and down strumming, same chords, same timing just 
It's a really really simple song just listen to it and you'll hear how the strumming changes.