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Hi Guitarists!
I know someone already submitted the chords to this song - but I noticed that the 
"Am F C G" sequence works through most of the song, but not all of it. So I 
attempted to clear up the mistake.
(This is all ear training. I am not a professional. I could be right or wrong 
about the mistake. This is simply my version of the song chords.)
Enjoy :)

No Capo Required
Standard Tuning

Verse 1:

Am                    F          C
Lonely thoughts they seep, into mind
     G            Am
Into me, pushing deep
           F                C
Wash the dirt, a hard days work
Know my place

Verse-Chorus Transition:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/ellie_goulding/home_crd_ver_2.html ]
      Am     F
On my own
   Em            F
No poison in my bones
      Am     F
On my own
         Em               F
This is where I build my home


(Follow sequence Am  F  C  G )

My home
This will always be my home


Verse 2:

  Am               F        
I work until it's late
Walk in and close the gate
I look in the window
And I gaze at my face
Every line and every abrasion
This took my life to make
This took my life to make

(Repeat Verse-Chorus Transition)

(Repeat Chorus)

  F         G     C
I need someone to hold
  F        Em     Am
I need someone to hold

Bridge-Chorus Transition:

Am F C G

(Repeat Chorus)

Last line:

Am F C