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So Fly Chords

"So Fly" by Elle Varner

F                            A                             Dm
 I can't help being depressed when I look down at my chest.  Oh yes, my chest it
          Cm                   Bb                      Bbm                   
 might as well be nonexistent.   How can I ever compete   with 34 double D's?
F                       A                       Dm
 And I'm rollin' my eyes when I look down at my thighs. They might as well tape
      D                           Bb                             F
 everything that I eat to my legs.  I am too broke for the knife, too lazy to
          G                       C
 exercise, but if I had hazel eyes maybe I could be fly.

   F                      A                                 Dm                   Bb
    If I had no cellulite, big breasts and pockets real wide  then maybe I maybe I,
                        F                          A                           Dm
   I, I could be so fly. And if I had a small waist I'd make the boys go insane
                     Bb                      F               A       Dm   Bb
   and maybe I maybe I, I, I could be so fly. So fly, so fly, so fly.
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           F                          A                       Dm
 Now listen I've got a beautiful soul, but only 4 people know.  They've known me
                Bb                           F                          A
 since I was 10.  Beauty did not matter then.  Now that I'm 20 all that matters
                       Dm                             Bb
 is sex cars and money.  I ain't got none of the three  so basically, I am
   F                           A                          Dm
 invisible to all of the fellas and I sit at home jealous.  There was no golden
       Bb                      F                       A
 ticket  in my chocolate today. And worst of all I'm reminded in the cruelest
     Dm                          Bb
 ways  of how I don't look and I should look and that's why I say...


Am                                                  Dm
 So basically all I need Is to be everything but me:  colored contacts
 Liposuction and breast implants.  Somehow that don't make much sense I must be
               Bb                                                  F
 out of my head  if I think, that I am governed by material things. So I
         A                     Dm                             Bb
 decided I'm the definition of fly and if you want to know why  I know what
                 F                            A                             Dm
 money can't buy. Don't go believing the hype. There's no runway in the sky
 and no way you could be fly,  not if it costs you a dime.