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Im just so

Perfectly perfect

Except when Im not
Im just so 

seemingly sunny

Till things get too hot

And were both so 

foolishly naughty

Until we get caught

              Dm               G#               F#           F         Bb
Chances are that are love is now utterly thoroughly shot
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Cause my life's so perfectly funny 
that is till it's not.
And we'll be so stupidly happy,
till the cannonball drops.
And my dreams are ever so tempting,
until they go pop pop... 

Chances are that our love is now utterly thoroughly shot!

Cause we're all so perfectly perfect,
but not for long.
And we'll be so perfectly perfect,
till we're forced to move on.
And we're both so pitifully clueless
to what we've become...

Chances are that our love is now utterly thoroughly done.

The more you...
Think that you're right chances are that you're probably wrong.