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Skinny Genes Chords

Capo 2

  D                      Em
I really don't like your point of view
  Em                 D
I know you'll never change
D                     Em
Stinging me with your attitude
          Em               D
I've the mind to walk away

I really don't like your arrogance
Or your policies
You're Ninety-nine percent an embarrassment
With just one quality
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I don't mind it when you (Whistles)
Bring out the best in me when, when you (whistles)
Show your expertise
When the night always ends wth a fight
                 D                   A
I'm excited that you wind up next to me

I like it when you (whistles)
Can I have some please of that (whistles)
To satisfy my needs
Sometimes I fake that I hate you and make up
So you wind up next to me

Chords are the same for next verse and chorus

   D                         Em
I dreamt that you were on a train
You were leaving, you were leaving