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Rollerblades Chords

INTRO... C, Em, Gm, Fm

C                   Em
I know you say you're ready to change
Gm                 Fm
But I need to get it down on paper
C                       Em
It's in your face you're ready to blame
Gm                   Fm
The first guy in line to catch the train
Fm            Am
I'll save your seat,
'Cause you don't stand for what you preach.

C                 Em                              Gm
Your Singing with a broken string tell me what you really mean,
        Fm                   C
Do you know what you want
While beating up on yesterday,
I was on my rollerblades
Rolling on moving on

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C                     Em
It's time to take the time to create cause
Gm                        Fm
You're running late the doors are closing
 C                      Em
So tip your hat & you might get back whatever
 Gm                     Fm             Am               Fm
You need is up ahead this train won't stop for anybody to get off

          Am                G
We got to run with it, it will get better 
Am                    G           Am
That leaves we're stuck together make your mind up
 G                Fm
Know what you need to say before you shout at me

So take your seat 'cause standing only wears out feet


C |-0---|      Em |-0---|    Gm |-3---|     Fm |-1---|    Am |-0---|
  |-1---|         |-0---|       |-3---|        |-1---|       |-1---|
  |-0---|         |-0---|       |-3---|        |-1---|       |-2---|
  |-2---|         |-2---|       |-5---|        |-3---|       |-2---|
  |-3---|         |-2---|       |-5---|        |-3---|       |-0---|
  |-0---|         |-0---|       |-3---|        |-1---|       |-0---|

This is my first tab, I hope it's ok :)