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No Man Can Chords

Hi guys so these are my chords of Eliza Doolittle's New Song "No Man Can"
i mean jesus what a fresh song :) this is my second tab!! lol
this one is really easy and fun to play just believe me!

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C   032010
F   133211

ok so bout the strumming pattern well, i really don't know 
all i do is like, i do what i need look 
Listen to the song for help!

   F         C
↓ ↓↑↓↑↓↓   ↓ ↓↑↓↑↓↓ 


I always give away too much,
Too much of who I am,
And when I don't get no returns,
I have to start again
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And it takes time,
To collect every little speck that makes me whole,
It's a hard knock life,
But I know just what'll give me that push to make it home

                      F                           C
Because you make me feel a way that no man ever could,
Cause while they'll break my heart, break my heart,
I know you never would


I know that things will never change,
I'll always be a fool for fairytales,
Yes I'm a hopeful kind of dame,
So I need you when things fail

Oh you know who,
Will leave you nothing but those heavy aches and pains,
But I can rely on you,
To give me something that no one can take away


You do what no man can, no man can,
They'll leave me in the ocean,
And you'll pull me back to land,
You do what no man, no man can,
They'll leave me in the ocean,
Fragile and broken,
When you throw the rope in

------(Chorus)--------X2 it ends here!

OK SO the whole thing is the same you just need to listen to the
song couple times and it'll be easy as f lol, just practice
so please if you do a cover notice me i would love to hear your voice
on this beautiful song :)