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Eliza Carthy
Album: Angels and Cigarettes (2001)

Capo 4 (key of F#)

D/// //// A/// G//A D (x2)
If you don't speak
                 A        G
No one will ever hear you
If you don't approach
                    A        G
No one will ever be near you
Does someone miss you
When you're not around
                    G          D(F#bass)  D
It's a question of give and take

If you don't cry
No one will ever feel pain for you
If you pass by
The feet of the world walk away from you
Do all of your wounds go unwashed
Did you look over your shoulder today
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D                                              A
Fair's fair when she's over there and you're here alone
A                                                     D
Fair's fair when you don't like what you hear on the telephone
G                      D                 Bm
But save me from this heart that always loves beyond its means
G                 D(F#bass)    D
Let me find you perfect in my dreams
G       D
in my dreams
G       D       G       D
in my dreams

D D A G   D D A G   G G Bm Bm   G D/F# D D

If you don't defend
No one will ever be there for you
If you pretend
No one will ever much care for you
Does the mist of the weary
Cloud your heavy eyes
Making everyone grey


Also try transposing up to key of G or A (no capo)