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Grace So Glorious Chords

Grace So Glorious

Written By: Pastor Steven Furtick, Israel Houghton, Chris Brown

INTRO: [Gb - Bbm - [ch]Db/F[/ch] - Ab Gb - Bbm - Ab]

Bbm [ch]Ab/C[/ch] Db
Beneath the cross of Jesus Christ
Gb Ab
No shadow remains for shame to hide
[ch]Db/F[/ch] Gb
Redemption shone for all to see
Bbm Ab Gb
Perfection bore our penalty
Ebm Ab Db
With a grace so glorious...

Immortal day the veil was torn
When mercy donned a crown of thorns
As law gave way to liberty
And freedom for humanity
With a grace so glorious.
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Ab - [ch]Ab/Gb[/ch] [ch]Db/F[/ch] Gb - [ch]Db/F[/ch] Ab
Oh the glory of the Savior's love
Bbm Ab Gb
Surrounding our surrender
Ab [ch]Ab/Gb[/ch] [ch]Db/F[/ch] Gb - [ch]Db/F[/ch] Ab
To know forever we are welcomed home

[ch]Db/F[/ch] Gb
Crowned in glory to glory
Bbm Ab
Worthy is the Lord of all
[ch]Db/F[/ch] Gb
The glory forever
Bbm Ab
Holy is the Lord

Triumphant praises without end
All hailing the King of righteousness
And every eye beholds the One
Our hearts were undeserving of
With a grace so glorious

SOLO: [Bbm - Db - Gb  Ab Bbm - Db - Ab]

O wondrous day when I will see
The face of Him who ransomed me
I'll fall in worship at His feet
And rise to reign eternally
In a grace so glorious
In a grace so glorious