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For The Honor Chords

        Eb           Bb
For the honor of the Father
      Cm           Ab
Who reaches out to us
     Eb/G          Bb
That we might live inside His love
   Cm            Ab
He gave His only Son

Verse 2:
For the honor of the Savior
Let the cross be lifted high
The great exchange of love and grace
Came down to give us life
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Vamp: [Eb - Bb - Cm - Ab]

Verse 3:
For the honor of the Spirit
Whose power lives in us
That we might see much greater things
As we embrace Your love

Verse 4:
For the honor of Your kingdom
Who's reign will never end
We'll give our lives and sacrifice
Until You come again

Eb   Bb   Cm    Ab
Forever, forever
        Eb  Bb     Cm  Ab
We'll honor You, forever!