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Well I'm no musical genius, but I think it's like this:

INTRO: D | C | BbM7 | BbM7 C  {repeat this a few times}

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/electronic/get_the_message_crd.html ]
|D                           |G            |BbM7                |
|      I've always thought of|you as my re-|-ward, built like an|

|C              |G    |G  |C        D    |D   |
|angel, six feet|tall.|   |Six feet tall.|    |



 |D                      |G              |BbM7            |
I|don't know where to be-|-gin, living in|sin, how can you|

|C    | G                |D                     |G                |
|talk?| Look where you've|been. I've counted the|nights, living in|

|G               |BbM7  C               |D
|sin, how can you|talk? Look where we've|been.

Basically, the song's made up of those four chords, played like this:

     D      G     C      Bbmaj7

I've probably got this all wrong, but it sounds OK to me.

  Have fun!

- Nick