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Showdown Chords

Electric Light Orchestra (E.L.O.)
(Jeff Lynne)
The song can be found in it's original version on "On the Third Day"
Other version's appear on "ELO II:Lost Planet", "Greatest Hits", etc
The song is known was originally known as "Bev's Trousers" in early stages

In some live versions, the song is played in Cm instead of Bm
1.She cried to the southern wind
2.Bad dreamer what's your name
'bout alove that was sure to end
it's like we're riding on the same train
every dream her heart was gone
if you don't there'll be more pain
heading for a     showdown
there's gonna be a showdown
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/electric_light_orchestra/showdown_crd.html ]
           F#m                  Em
and it's a raining all over the world
     F#m              Fm   Em
it's raining all over the world
F#7        F#7+9     Bm
tonight the longest night

notation of cello fill/riff


3.Came to me like a friend
4.Save -              me
she blew in on the southern wind
save -              me
now my heart is dying to start again
it's unreal       suffering
there's gonna be a showdown
there's gonna be a show down

repeat chorus
Bm   w/cello fill/riff
ad lib vocal and fade

That's all for the chords. I don't have time for the solo now, but I know it uses the B
minor pentatonic scale. PLEASE submit it if you've got it.