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Rain Is Falling Chords

Rain is Falling- ELO
 Tabbed by Laura

A          F#m
Early in the morning
    D                  E             A      E  D
the sun was up and the sky was a-very blue
A         F#m
Without a warning
   D                  E                    A
As I looked up and my thoughts returned to you

   A                         F#m
A noise in the city made the children run
    D               Dm
And hide themselves away
    A                  F#m                  D    E
And thunder boomed and lightning filled the sky

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/electric_light_orchestra/rain_is_falling_crd.html ]
A                 F#m
Looking from this window
    D               E               A     E  D
A thousand ripples running past my door
A              F#m
Standing on an island
D           E                 A       D  E (i think)
Looking for someone upon the sho-ore
A                 F#m
I can see it very clearly
D                  Dm
(Dont know what they say)
     A                  F#m            D       E
Then lightning striked across an empty sky

A                  D
OOoo, rain is falling
A                  D
Oooo, rain is falling
A           E         F#m
Oooo, the rain is falling
       D                      A
Let it wash away those lonely tears

(Same Chords)
With their brand new time transporter
They'll think maybe I fought to get away
But with all their great inventions
And all their good intentions, here i'll stay
Down on the corner where the sun was shining
The people gathered round
Then scattered (?)  and raindrops hit the ground


the end :-)