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Latitude 88 North Chords

Latitude 88 North - ELO


G   Am7-5   D7   (x2)

Verse 1:

G                       B
The iceman came to me tonight,

C                       Cm 
so very near but out of sight. 

  G         F#7              B#m
I heard the footsteps in the hall

      Bm7-5   E          Am
And I heard a cold voice call,

            Am7-5  D         (G)
Itís such a lonely world.

Verse 2: 

Then I knew that you were gone, 
It came to me, I was alone. 
Now Iím left out in the cold 
But the storyís far from told, 
Itís such a lonely world.

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G   Am7-5   D7


          G        Em
Itís like Latitude 88 North,

Am7           D7 
Itís so cold, cold as hell.

G            Em 
35 below and falling,

Am7                     D7         (G)
How I wish that she was calling me. 

Verse 3:

Frozen shadows in the doorways, 
They will linger there always 
And as the dawn begins to break, 
Sheís gone itís hard to take, 
Itís such a lonely world. 

Chorus: Repeat once


G   F#7   B#m // Bm7-5   E   Am // Am7-5   D 

Chorus: Repeat 3 times

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