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Bluebird Tab

Song:     BLUEBIRD
Written:  JEFF LYNNE
Disc:     SECRET MESSAGES (Track 3)
Tabbed:   Nadja Dee (Seattle)

Note: I looked and looked online but nobody has tabbed this ELO track from Secret 
 This is NOT the famous Beatle’s Paul McCartney Bluebird…but it’s a very pretty song.  Nothing 
tricky, pretty straight forward song, easily played on acoustic guitar.

Format: Chord pro
Tuning: EADGBe (standard)
G  - 320003
C  - x32010
D  – xx0232
Dm – xx0231
Am – x02210
Bb – x1333x
F  - 133211
Eb – xxx343

Lyrics note: Lyrics in (parenthesis) are backing vocals.

Intro [G][C][G][C](x2)
[C] The [G] streets (bg vocal - streets streets streets)
[G] The signs are pointing [C] all one way
But [G] you (you you you)
[G] Don't realize just [C] what they say

You may [G] fight (you may fight)
You may [D] run (you may run)
You may [G] know (you may know)
What you've [C] done (what you've done)

[C] Aaah aa
[Dm] It makes me [Am] feel so sad (makes me feel so sad)
[Dm] To think what I [Am] might've had (what I might've had)

[Bb] I watch the stars (watch the stars)
[Dm] I watch the sun (I watch the sun)
[F] Now I watch for any[Am]one (one one one)
But it's only [Eb] make beli[D]eve
You [G] work (work work work work)
[G] You work (work work work work)
[G] You work so [C] hard and then (work work work work)
[C] Some[G]one	(work work work work)
[G] Someone will come a[C]round again (work work work work)
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[C] You may [G] think (you may think)
It's for [D] real (it's for real)
But you [G] know (but you know)
How you [C] feel (how you feel)

[C] Aaah aa
[Dm] The places [Am] that I go (places that I go)
[Dm] Don't feel good [Am] anymore (don't feel good anymore)
[Bb] I see it all
[Dm] Rainbows in fall (rainbows)
[F] I see her face up[Am]on my wall
But it's only [Eb] make beli[D]eve


Note: fingerpick chords
[G] Fly away
[G] Bluebird fly a[C]way from me
[C] To a [G] place
[G] Somewhere far a[C]cross the sea
Note: strum chords
[G] Fly away (fly away)
Far a[D]way (far away)
Don't look [G] back (don't look back)
Go to[C]day (go today)
[C] Aaah aa
[Dm] The waves that [Am] crash upon (crash upon the sand)
[Dm] Another place a [Am] far off land (place a far off land)

[Bb] And every day (and every day)
[Dm] I have to stay (I have to stay)
But [F] you are free
You could [Am] fly away (fly away)
But it's only [Eb] make beli[D]eve
[G] Work work work work
[C] Work work work work
[G] Work work work work
[C] Work work work work
[G] Bluebird (work work work work)
[G] Bluebird fly a[C]way from me
[G] Bluebird
[G] Bluebird fly a[C]way
[G] Bluebird
[G] Bluebird fly a[C]way from me
[G] Bluebird
[G] Bluebird fly a[C]way
Fly a[C]way away away
Oh [G] bluebird
[G] Bluebird fly a[C]way


Another obscure song tabbed by Nadja Dee!
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