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Bluebird Is Dead Chords

A      [ch]C#7/Ab[/ch]        F#m   E6
Little darlin' of my life
D        F7              A     F7
You keep movin' cross my mind
A         [ch]C#7/Ab[/ch]     F#m  E6
You gave me a sunny day
D      F7               A    E
Now it looks as if I'll pay

   A               Amaj7
   Why do they say, bluebird is dead ?
   A7                                 D
   I can still see her, touch her, my bluebird
       Adim7/Eb                         [ch]Amaj7/E[/ch]
   The love that she gave, I don't believe
       [ch]C#/F[/ch]             F#m    Dm
   No, no, I don't believe
   F7  G7  D   F7  G   A
   Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah

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A        [ch]C#7/Ab[/ch]       F#m    E6
Bluebird came to me tonight
D       F7            A      F7
Waiting patiently for light
A          [ch]C#7/Ab[/ch]             F#m     E6
She said I know that you will grieve
D      F7             A      E
But my darlin' I must leave


D   [ch]Bm/D[/ch]  (x4)
A/E   [ch]F#m/E[/ch]  (x4)
D   [ch]Bm/D[/ch]  (x4)
A/E   [ch]F#m/E[/ch]  (x4)
G7   D

F7  G7  A
Ah, Ah, Ah

A        [ch]C#7/Ab[/ch]        F#m   E6
Bluebird say it is not so
D        F7              A      F7
Please I cannot hear you speak
A       [ch]C#7/Ab[/ch]            F#m    E6
It must be that you're so tired
D      F7              A      E
In the darkness of the night


D   A   G   F   E