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Grace Under Pressure Chords

Band Name: Elbow
Song Name: Grace under pressure
Tabbed By: Terry Sims (Masterofdarknes)
Email: Floyd_Fan89@teenspot.com

Chords used:
G  (320001)
D  (xx0323)
C  (x12030)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/elbow/grace_under_pressure_crd.html ]
G      D      G  C  
Grace  un - der  pres - sure
D     C    D    C   D     G  D
Coo - ling palm a - cross my brow
G      D      G  C
Eyes   of    an  angel
C      D  G
Lay    me down

drums come in...
repeat several times...

Then: (part where the organ and later strings and Glastonbury
crowd come in)

Crowd sings:

C                                G
We still believe in love so fuck you