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Many Funerals Chords

Eisley- Many Funerals

Em                 D         Em
Bring along your tricks and trade 
We will lie here, Here we lay 
And though this ship is out to sea 
I'm content to lie peacefully 

Em                 D     Em 
Young and agile, Seaside born 
My parents death did I dear mourn 
Now in this wicked world risk i
Bold endeavors by and by 

C    Em  C      Em
Ooo Ahhh OoWoooAhhh
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  Em   C     D   B7
Break break down
Break break down

Em                     D
And now they have no chances 
They fill the empty caskets 
and leave you with your tears 
And now we take our chances 
We all will take more chances 
Before our lives end too

Break break down
Break break down

Am         G       Am       Em  C D
How could you have left us here? 
You had friends, had us, goodbye