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I Want To Chords

   For this song we will call BarA A2 & barG G2 


                            I WANT YOU
                       By Bill Eisenhauer

Chords used

  barA     barG      D      C     Dsus4      G    Dadd9    A   Em
               Verse 1:

A2  G2        D             A    
I   want you- ,to know who I am.    

A2  G2       D                   A
I   want you-,to see  inside this man.

A2 G2          D               A
I  want you- , to try and understand.

A2 G2        D              A
I  want to-, tell you who I am.

            Course 1:

C  G               D                         C
I  want to set you free, from everything you see.

C        G                    D
From the things that make you frown.

D                           C
To the news that brings you down.
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C  G  D           Em Dadd9   Dsus4 A
  Verse 2:

A2 G2      D              A
I  want to-know where you are,

A2   G2       D                  A
Like a sailor-needs the northern star,

A2  G2        D                 A
I   Want you  to tell me its al-right.

A2  G2       D                           A
I   need you to keep me warm through the nigh.

              PLAY COURSE 1:
           verse 3:

A2 G2      D              A
I  want to hold you in my arms

A2   G2            D         A
you  know I- won't do you no harm

A2  G2       D          A
we  can be a undefeated team 

A2  G2       D              A
I,m your man-your my beauty queen

            Course 2: 

C    G                 D
Like birds learning to fly
D                     C
we can soar up in the sky
C         G           D
wondering how to come down
D                           C
to get our feet back on the ground.

C  G  D            Em  Dadd9  Dsus4  A  Play this 2 times  repeat Verse 1: end
Na na da