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Kinky Boots Chords

verse 1
I drove my Carson through your entry last night (sing up the ra
i kicked your door in at the break of day light (sing up the ra
i got this felling that your avoiding me (sing up the ra
and when i catch ya your going for your tea (sing up the ra

Oh I've got a brand new shiny helmet and a pair of kinky boots
I've got a frilly flap jack and a lovely carkey suit
and when we go on night patrol we hold each others hand
oh we are the British army and we are here to take your land
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verse 2
my friend William is in the R.U.C.
hes in me sarcon and he snuggled right up to me
he says hes felling so very very sore
those rocket launchers never miss him any more


Verse 3
my friend Simon is in the the S.A.S.
he says a change is as good as arrest
but then they went and posted him right down to crossmaglen
hes back to cleaning the streets once again


verse 4
my friend Clyde is in the R.I.R.
for weapons he searches near and far
but he wont go near old Ardoyne no bloody fear
the only guns you'll find there is an Armilite in your ear


fell free to leave suggestions. couldn't find anywhere decided to post it.  great song 
play along on YouTube.