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Flyswatter Chords

Here are the chords, it sound also nice if you just play powerchords.

Verse 1
D            Am          C         G
Little field mice living under the house
D            Am          C          G
Never eating much, tough life for a mouse
D          Am           Bm       C
And if you think you're gonna be spared
       D     Am     C    G
You're wrong
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D                Am
Field mice, head lice
C              G
Spiders in the kitchen
D                 Am
Don't think twice 'bout
C                  G
Whatever keeps you itchin'
D          Am
Ice water, flyswatter
C             G
Gonna get you through
     D     Am     C    G
The day

Verse 2
Heat is rolling in like hell's red rug
Stinking like the breath of beelzebub
And if you think you won't walk on coals
You will

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