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Dead Of Winter Chords

Dead Of Winter
Artist: Eels
Album: Electro-Shock Blues
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*these are optional, it's what he does in the song, you can hear that string going down 
to F#/Gb but you can do the standard major positions for G and D just fine as they are 
same notes.

C, G, F/C, Dsus2

C               G                      F/C, Dsus2
standing in the dark outside the house
C                G                    F/C, Dsus2
breathing in the cold and sterile air
     F/C                Am
well i was thinking how it must feel
   Em              Dsus2
to see that little light
    F/C            Am
and watch it as it disappears
    Em              G
and fades into, and fades into the night
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C                G                 F/C, Dsus2
so i know you're going pretty soon
C         G                           F/C, Dsus2
radiation sore throat got your tongue
F/C           Am
magic markers tattoo you
    Em               Dsus2
and show it where to aim
    F/C                   Am
and strangers break their promises
    Em                  G             F/C  C, F/C
you won't feel any, you wont feel any pain

        C                       F/C
and the streets are jammed with cars
C             G        Am          Dsus2
rockin' their horns to race to the wire
       G* D*       F/C      F/C
of the un finished line

C, G, F/C, Dsus2
C, G, F/C, Dsus2

C                G                         F/C, Dsus2
thought that i'd forget all about the past
C              G                   F/C, Dsus2
but it doesn't let me run too fast
    F/C          Am
and i just wanna stand outside
    Em                Dsus2
and know that this is right
    F/C              Am
and this is true and i will not
Em         G                  F/C, C, F/C
fade into, fade into the night
C                        F/C  C, F/C, C
i'm standing here in the dark

F/C, C, F/C, C.