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After The Operation Chords

This song is really easy and fun to play. Yay! I love the Eels. (Also, this is my first 
so tell me what you think! )

D x57775
D/C#   x47775
Bm  x24432
G  355433 OR 320033
C  x3210 or x35553
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D             D/C#
After the operation
Bm               G
I was in a lotta pain
D              D/C#
But I look fondly on it
Bm                   C
Just passin' all the days in a haze
Layin' on the couch
      C       G
And watchin' TV

After the operation
I didn't have a care
I'd spend whole afternoons
Just layin' there
While I stared
At things in the room
That made me think

After the operation
I ate a lotta junk
I'd drift off and fall asleep
And have these little dreams
Where I'm feeling
Back to my old self again

Well, I hope this helped! I'm pretty sure this is almost 100% correct!