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Eddplant - Blues 
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This song is played with very few chords. Listen to the song and watch his rhythm 
for plucking and such.
Chord Diagrams:
	1st         2nd             3rd	            (4th)                (5th) 			

Verse 1--2--3--2

Been thinking about the time I spent alone that I could've spent with you
but no one's got a thing to say that beats what you might say to pull me through
You've only got to nod your head or take my hand and everything's alright
I'm wishing you were here right now to take away my blues tonight


Verse 1--2--3--2
I know that I've been busy lately, I don't mean to push your love away
I'm trying to be there for you, have time for you, at least once every couple of days

But your eyes say I miss you
When your lips say goodnight
I just want you to tell me, we'll be alright

repeat verse chords adnauseum
Yeah we'll be alright