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Money Honey:Eddie Cochran.(1960)
Cochran covered this song in his live performances.
He was arock n' roll pioneer, one the the greats.
His life was cut short in a car crash in England in
April 1960. He was just 21 yrs. old.

(Capo 3rd fret for original. Check it out on YouTube.)
A                                                 A G Ab A
You know the land-lady's ringin' my frontdoor bell.
A                                    A G Ab A
I let it ring for a long, long spell.
Went to the window, peeked through the blinds, I said,
Honey, just exactly what you got on your mind?

          D           D7  A           A7
She said, money, honey....Money honey...
E                   D          E         A  E
Money honey..If you wanna get along with me.
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        A                                            A G Ab A
Well, I screamed and hollered, I was so hard-pressed.
A                                   A G Ab A
I called the woman that I love best.
Got my baby about half past three, she says..
Baby, just exactly what you want with me?


A                                        A G Ab A
Well, I learned my lesson and now I know.
A                                       A G Ab A
The sun may shine and the wind may blow.
Women may come and women may go, but..
Well, I said I love you honey..I just want you to know..

        D           D7  A           A7
I want, money honey.....Money honey....
E                   D          E         A  D A E A
Money honey..if you gonna get along with me.

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.