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Half Loved Chords

Well, I gotta tell this is my very first tab, and I guess it's no 100% right, but 
it sounds okay to me, so here it goes:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/eddie_cochran/half_loved_crd.html ]
INTRO: Eb Cm Ab Bb
                    Eb                       Cm
Well the party is through, we said our good-byes
               Ab                             Fm       Bb
We had a good time, yet there's tears in my eyes
                Eb                         Bb
Oh, what can it be, what's the matter with me
                 Eb         Ab   Eb   Bb (or Bb7 )        
You left me half loved
                Eb                   Cm
We stood in the dark and you held my hand
                Ab                   Fm           Bb
Why were you afraid, I can't understand
               Eb                         Bb
I wanted your kiss, but it's always like this
                  Eb       Ab  Eb   Bb (or Bb7)
You left me half loved
          Ab             Eb
Well you hold me close, everytime we danced
 Ab              Eb
Am I a fool, to think that I had a chance
    Ab           Eb     
To hope, you see, I'm your big romance
    Fm                      Bb
Baby that's why I'm in the dark   Oh-oh-oh-oh 
                    Eb                    Cm
my friends have all said ,to love you is wrong
                     Ab                     Fm           Bb
They say you're too young, but I'll string along
                Eb                     Bb
Someday you'll wake up and then I'll make up
               Eb        Ab   Eb  B  (or B7 )
For bein' half loved

                    E                       C#m
My friends have all said, to love you is wrong
                     A                       F#m       B
They say you're too young, but I'll string along
                E                      B
Someday you'll make up and then I'll make up
                  E          A    E       
For bein' me half loved

END: F#m F (I'm not pretty sure about that, mess around with these two chords, I 
guess it's something on F#m or F)