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Drive-in Show Chords

Drive-In Show:Eddie Cochran.
Top of the charts in 1957.

INTRO:( Capo 7th fret for original. Check it out on YouTube.)
D                          G
Doo, doo, doodly...doodly, doo, doo, doo.
D                         A
Doo, doo, doodly...doodly doo, doo, doo.

D                   G
Come on, baby, to a drive-in show,
D                    A
I know just the very place to go.
     D                 G
I'll be over, pick you up at eight.
A                A7         D
This will be our very first date.
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D                         G
When we're parkin' in the drive-in show.
D                       A
We'll be sittin' in the moonlight row.
     D                   G
I'll bet my peanuts to a candy bar,
A                      A7    D
You'll be cuter than a movie star.

G                        C
When it's over and we're headin' back.
G                        D
We'll stop in for just a little snack.
G                    C
Six hot dogs oughtta be just right,
D            D7        G
after such a wonderful night.



A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.