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Anything You Wanna Do Chords

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From: bc80233@bingsuns.cc.binghamton.edu
Subject: Re: REQ : Anything You Wanna Do - Eddie & the Hotrods !

On 2 May 1995, Gareth Challis wrote:

> In dire need of tab for this song (If it's any help The Almighty
> covered it in 1994 as a B-Side to 'Wrench')
Here is how I learned to play the Eddie & the Hotrods version. I was
taught to play it with these variations of the major and minor chords
(basically barre chords, but you let the B and E strings ring open
throughout). Or you can play it with just straight major and minor barre

  E            A           F#m           B           G#m

------       ------       ------       ------       ------
022100       577600       X44200       X24400       X66400


E    A    F#m
E    A    F#m
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Gonna break out of this city
          A             E
Leave the people here behind
Looking for adventure
       A                   E
Is the type of life you'll find
F#m            G#m
Tired of doing day jobs
        A                 B
With no thanks for what I do
    A              G#m
I'm sure I must be someone
        F#m            E
Now I'm gonna find out who

              A        B                       E     A E
Why don't you ask them   what they expect from you
              A         B                    E    A E
Why don't you tell them   what you are gonna do
           F#m      G#m
You get so lonely
           A           B
Maybe it's better that way
             A       G#m
It ain't you only
    F#m                    E
And we've got something to say

                           E     A    F#m
Do anything you wanna do
                           E     A    F#m
Do anything you wanna do