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I wanna be drunk when I wake up 
On the right side of the wrong bed 

And every excuse I made up 

Tell you the truth I hate 
What didn't kill me 
It never made me stronger at all. 

Love will scar your make-up lip sticks to me 
So now I'll maybe leave back there 
I'm sat here wishing I was sober 
I know I'll never hold you like I used to. 

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         Em                       G
But our house gets cold when you cut the heating 
 Em                  C
Without you to hold I'll be freezing 
Em                G
Can't rely on my heart to beat it 
Em                                C
'Cause you take part of it every evening 
Em                        G
Take words out of my mouth just from breathing 
Em                         C                  G
Replace with phrases like when you're leaving me. 

       G         C
Should I, should I?
                Em       C
Maybe I'll get drunk again 
       Em        C
I'll be drunk again 
       Em        Fmaj7
I'll be drunk again 
                  C  D
To feel a little love