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Dark Therapy Chords

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Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 13:43 +0000
From: Robert Bowman 
Subject: CRD: 'Dark Therapy' by 'Echobelly'

"Dark Therapy" by Echobelly
by Micah and Joe

The chords for the whole song are:

Bm A E  E

With the following basic strum pattern:

 Bm   A    E     E


Rhytm Gtr just plays this for the duration of the song - make the strum
of the chord louder than the arpeggio part.
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We've found that this track is just most cool when played improvised at
the end until the drummer slows it down to an end on Bm.

[Long Intro]
Chords on their own (Bm, A, E, E)
Mellow slide lead comes in for a few cycles

High above the roof tops
Higher than the milky way
Slipping through the hour glass
Shooting up the desert plain

You are one life older than before
But you can't stop the chill
Now you're falling in slow motion
Though the air is still

If you close your eyes than I can take you all the way
Let me close your eyes and I will take it all the way

You are on the outside
Hands upon the window sill
I am on the inside
Carving up the hunters kill


Cruising on a missile
Cruising on a desert plain
Wading through a minefield
Wading through the monsoon rain

Surfing on an oilspill
Surfing on a perfect wave
Porn upon the airwaves
Rituals of the mating game


Lead over chords for as long as you can handle it!

Interstingly, Scream is fairly similar (Bm, A/Bm, E, E)!