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Right Thing Chords

Right Thing


Play with these chords

B-10-10-10--3-3-3---------------------------------------------|  then after a few times
G-9--9--9---2-2-2-                                      G-4-2-|

A       D      G      A x4

Verse 1

Play the intro chords on the 9th and 2nd frets

purple lights were flashing, oh i got a
20 says your thinking of me
oh these eyes you made all night
if they could talk they wouldnt let them on the tv
ya know what I mean


A       D
G               A              D
Wanna do the right thing
G       A      D
G                       A              D      G
I only wanna do the right thing

Verse 2 same as verse 1

kill this conversation
oh i got a feeling that it's getting closer yeah
smell my desperation, oh
I got a chemistry of voices in my head
that say your what i need

Repeat Chorus

Solo (remember this is vaguely improvised by dav)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/easyworld/right_thing_crd.html ]
----15b16(pinched harmonic)---------13b14-13b14r13----15b16-13b14-----------------|

----------                                      -------------------------------|
-------17-                                      -------------------------------|
-16b18---- repeated several times               -14-12-11----------------------|
----------                                      ----------14-12----------------|
----------                                      ----------------15-14b15r14-12-|
----------                                      -------------------------------|

Verse 3 as with verse 1

Ahooooo aho
the warning lights are flashing
oh .. I got a feeling Iíve got something so wrong
wheres my satisfaction
i guess it's looks a little like that everything was leading you on

Repeat Chorus with waaaaaaailing :)