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Feensong Chords

Easyworld/Beachy Head


Verse 1



Hey kids, remember me?
Do you agree that life was all too easy?
Were you inspired?
I really hope you were.

It's all there for you,
Pre-digested so that you don't have to do a single thing,
Just fit in.

Verse 2

You could lose your
[]Or your
money might
explode, Comes as
standard, read the
A                       G       A
small print baby, yeah.

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/easyworld/feensong_crd.html ]
(chords as before)
The stars are out tonight,
Takes me back, I'm catching satellites with my best friend,
Hey kids remember me?


D                               G               D
and the [sun's/song's breaking] your routine,
G                       Bmin            G
Smashing their machines, I remember,
Everyone who woke up by the [sun.]

(chords as with above part of chorus)
Everything is gold,
I do not feel so old.
If I'm not happy with this []
It's time to start again.
(That was good)
Verse 3 (same as verse 2)

Never ask for more,
Throw your [] to the floor,
and forget about your day-job baby, yeah.
You're waiting to retire,
Throw your paycheck on the fire,
You just kick back and wait 'til morning
that's just you and me sounds kickass.

Repeat Chorus

G       D       A
[distorted stuff]
G       D       A
[] see her again

Solo.. uh it’s a bit all over the place a bit of octave soloing like dav usually does….

repeat chorus

End with A few A chords then D G D G D