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Friday On My Mind Chords

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From: Daniel L. Lovall 

 Artist:  Easybeats
 Title:  "Friday On My Mind"
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    Em           A           D
 ---------   ---------   ---------
 ---------   ---------   ---------
 ---4---4-   ---------   ---2---2-
 -2---2---   ---2---2-   -0-------
 ---------   -0---0---   -----0---
 ---------   ---------   ---------
 Em                       A       D
 Monday morning feels so bad
 Em                  A   D
 Everybody seems to nag me
 G                      B7
 Comin' Tuesday I feel better
  E                     Am
 Even my old man looks good
 Wednesday goes too slow
 Thursday just don't go
                      C  E  A  F#m  B  E
 I have Friday on my mind
  A                         C#m
 I'm gonna have fun in the city
  A                         C#m
 Be with my girl she's so pretty
 She looks fine tonight
 F#7                    Bm
 She is out of sight to me
 (Tonight) I'll spend my bread
 (Tonight) I'll lose my head
 (Tonight) I've got to get
     A     E
  Am              D            G           E
   A  E  A  E     A  E  A  E   A  E  A  E  E   <- bass
 Monday I've got Friday on my mind
 Do the night-day grind once more
 I know of nothing else that bores me
 More than working for the rich man
 Hey I'll change that scene one day
 Today I might be mad
 Tomorrow I'll be glad
 I'll have Friday on my mind