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Sunshine Chords

Intro:  Cmaj7

Heavenly sunshine, only you can stop the rain
           Fmaj7                         Cmaj7
Pouring in my heart and causing tears of pain
All of your feelin' seems to make me glow
               Fmaj7                     Cmaj7
Like heavenly sunshine makes the flowers grow
F          G
.....Oh Lord,
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              Cmaj7           Fmaj7      Bb9 
   You're my sunshine, loving you is my dream
            Cmaj7            Fmaj7     Bb9 
   When I'm with you, I hear bluebells ring
           Cmaj7       Fmaj7    Bb9
   And the beauty only you can bring
   Keep me smiling
              Ebmaj7       Dm7
   My heart's filing away memories
   Of a life with you
   Take me with you
           Ebmaj7          Dm7
   I'm the one who's gonna lift you
           Dbmaj7             Cmaj7    
   To your Shining Star

You are my light when dark days do appear
             Fmaj7                    Cmaj7
Bringing me sunshine, my heart has no fear
Birds in the air, they even sing your name
                  Fmaj7                   Cmaj7     F          G
Spreading love's rainbows, an everlasting flame  ......Oh Lord

[Chorus x 2] 

Em            Ebmaj7
You make me... happy, baby
Dm7        Dbmaj7
You make me feel real good
Em    Ebmaj7      Dm7   Dbmaj7
Yeah, yeah ... Oh baby
Em  Ebmaj7              Dm7         Dbmaj7
And so it may seem that my life’s a paradise
Em         Ebmaj7               Dm7             Dbmaj7
Oh, but you’re my sunshine that make things all right.....

(Note: Try Em barred on 7th fret and work your way down)