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Happy Alone Chords

Band: Earlimart
Song: Happy Alone
Tabbed By: shytzoo
E-mail: shytzoo@gmail.com

Tuning: Standard
Capo: 5th Fret

    Em    A     C     G     Am    Em7   Bm    D

Intro: Em A Em A Em7 C


Em          G                       C               Em7
Call in the airstrike, tell them to make the drop
Em         G                C              Em7  Em
Initiate a cycle no-one but you can stop
            G                C                   A       Em  G
Would it be fair to say that you're in love with love?
            C         Em7  Em
And is that enough?
               G             C       Em7  Em
I bet you feel really potent stuff
               G                        C
the shadows of doubt on how things turn out
              A      D
are typically gray
             Bm            Em
But even the stucco on the wall
is right two times a day

G Bm

and it's still enough
G                      Bm                 Em
Just how much distance means we're on our own?
and can we be happy
Bm    Em
Happy alone?

Em A Em A Em7 C

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/earlimart/happy_alone_crd.html ]
Em           G            C      Em7  Em
The universe opens up the door
                G                    C
and we go right in, it's there, it's new, it's cool
                        Em7     Em
it's something we ain't seen before
And five minutes in
an egg timer rings
                A                 D
to clip off our carefree flapping wings
            Bm              Em
show us the things we can't afford
and throw us overboard


G Bm

but it's still enough.
G                      Bm                 Em
Just how much distance means we're on our own?
G       Bm             Em
until i see you off at home
down the sidewalk in my head
G          Bm             Em
I might be sinking like a stone
              C      Bm
but perfectly happy (happy)
            C      Bm
just openly happy (happy)

      Bm                Em
In my home, I've always known
           C     Am
I gotta be happy alone
            Bm                Em
so burn the mail, destroy the phone
                   C     Am
yeah, I'd wanna be happy alone
           Bm             Em
the moving sky, the rocks below
                 C     Am
All so perfectly happy alone
           Bm                    Em
Our little hearts have turned to stone
              C     Am
I'd better be happy alone.

Bm  Em  C  Am (x4)
Em A


This is my first tab and i did this entirely by listening to the song and trying to 
it so if you have any corrections please inform me.