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Somewhere Between Right And Wrong Chords

Intro: A - D - A - E - A 

 A                                           D
Well I met in a small town bar not far from home
           A                                               E
She was having second thoughts about a man who was always gone
           A                             D                    
Said the only way to get to him was a telephone 
        A                  E                     A
So she held on to me when she couldn't hold her own


  A                D                   A
She said I can be had but I can't be bought
              E                        A
And I can be bad lord if I don't get caught
                    A7              D
But I'd rather be loved than left alone
          A                       E                      A
Than be here in the middle some where between right and wrong 
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 A                                                    D
She said you know I never was the kind to spread it around
     A                                                  E
But I'll let you get to me as long as you don't let me down
        A                                             D
Said I got the kind of love it takes to make it feel slow
      A                         E                  A
But don't care how you get me there just long as I go

Repeat Chorus:

Lead Ride: A - D - A - E - A 

A                                                        D
Ya its her kind of love keeps me coming back time after time
               A                               E
Just like a beautiful song I can't get off my mind
        A                                    D
But I worry alot about love you have to wait on
       A                            E                  A
And I got second thoughts about a woman who is always gone

Repeat Chorus:

Outro:  A - D - A - E - A  (X3)