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Anyway Chords

This chorus sounds right to me, and I kinda played with the verses, but it works.
You can actually try a lot of variations with the verses. 

       Em                        C                              G
CHORUS: So here we are, stuck in hell, same old game we know it well, 

        D            Em
I don't mind, anyway

                                 C                    G             D
Spark it up and numb me on and off agin, oh what the hell, I don't mind

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         G              C  D         G                 C       D 
VERSE I: You've gotta be, kidding me, I'm through with you boy anyway

G                 C   D        G                  C       D
I'll wait for you, I always do, it's dumb but I want to, anyway.

          G                 C       D         G                 C    
VERSE II: Been sittin' here, have another beer, I'm drunk but I want some 

D        G               C        D     G                 C          D
anyway. Too numb to know that I'm happy, without you I'm better off, anyway.