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Missing Heart Tab

Dwight Yoakam
Missing Heart
From "3 Pears"
Tabbed by thatchadmiller (Twitter)

Intro (note this is drop D)
Strum D, then this:

Verse 1
I am a missing heart with no place left to start
        G                        D
To ever find my way around these empty parts
C   G       D
I      am a missing heart

Verse 2
I am an open wound in need of time and room
With the space to heal any loss that looms
I am an open wound

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dwight_yoakam/missing_heart_tab.html ]
G C           D
I searched so long
G              C            D
And all that I found is now gone
G                  C                 A
Because anywhere I looked was always wrong

Instrumental (over verse chords)


Verse 3
I am a pleading voice lacking any choice
But to be the truth over all the noise
I am a pleading voice

Verse 4
I am a vacant stare ignoring every glare
That might prove to hold just the slightest stare
I am a vacant stare


Verse 1

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