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Long Way To Go Tab

Dwight Yoakam
Long Way To Go
From "3 Pears"
Tabbed by thatchadmiller (Twitter)

E - Esus4
(one guitar plays this intro capo 2 in the D position)

           A           B           E
I've got a long way to go before I get there
           A               B                   E
I've got a lot of field to hoe with the sun so high
      A               B
Got a lot of miles to roll
        E             A
And the next few only show
                          B           E
That there's still such a long way to go

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Verse 1
E       A        E
Dreamin' is only dreamin'
     A                                 B
Till dreamin' is the only thing that's true
E      A       E
Wishin' is only wishin'
                           B               E
Till my only thoughts' the wish to be with you

Instrumental hits: Ex7 - Bx7

Verse 2
Hopin' doesn't feel like hopin'
If I can feel your heart hopin' too
Touchin' doesn't feel like touchin'
Until I feel the next touch from you


Verse 3 (reprise version)
Wanting just keeps me wanting
The next and last both keep me wanting you
Waiting just keeps me waiting
Until there's no more waiting left to do

Main riff throughout     End of riff
e|-----------------|        e|-----------------|
B|-----------------|        B|-----------------|
G|-----------------|        G|-----------------|
D|-------2---------|        D|-----------------|
A|--2-4-----4-2----|        A|-----------------|
E|-----------------|        E|--4-5--5-5--2-0--|

*Note* In the (Reprise) version, play some Esus4 with the E's throughout
the song

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if you have any songs you need help with. God bless!