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Dim Lights Thick Smoke Chords

Dwight Yoakam
Dim Lights, Thick Smoke
From "3 Pears"
Tabbed by thatchadmiller (Twitter)

This is in F, but it's much easier to play in E and capo 1

For the guitar, play the boogie woogie blues bar chord style throughout,
and obviously use 7th's on most of this.

Capo 1
E                                       A
Dim lights, thick smoke, and loud, loud music
         E                                   B
It's the only kind of life you'll ever understand
        E                                   A
Oh, dim lights, thick smoke, and loud, loud music
       E                      B          E
You'll never make a wife to a home lovin man

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dwight_yoakam/dim_lights_thick_smoke_crd.html ]
E                                           A
A home and little children, mean nothing to you
  E                                          B
A house filled with love or a husband thatís true
E                                                A
You'd rather have a drink with the first guy you meet
        E                          B             E
And the only home you know is that club down the street


Solo Over chorus

Verse 2
A drinking and dancing to a honky tonk band
When you left your loving family life back right back where you ran
So go on and have your fun but you won't always look so smart
When some day that lonely barroom breaks your honky-tonk heart

Chorus out

If you have any input or corrections, hit me up on Twitter and let me know
if you have any songs you need help with. God bless!