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Back Of Your Hand Tab

E--------------1------------| |-----------------|
B---------------------------| |-------3---------|
G-------2--------2----------| |----3---3--------|
D---3-3---3-3------3--------| |--3--3-----------|
A-----------------------0h1-| |-1---------3/5-3-|
E--1------------------3-----| |-----------------|

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E--------------1-----------| |------------------|
B--------------------------| |-------5----------|
G-------2-------2----------| |----5---5---------|
D---3-3---3-3-----3--------| |--5--5------------|
A---------------------0h1--| |-3-----------0h3--|
E--1----------------3------| |-----------3------|

I sat down for hours trying to learn this and I finally did... it's not the best but 
pretty good... you can use it as the verses also, just play it over and over again.

-Tyler H.